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b. 1986, HK.



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My name is Meinhard Mikladal. I am a creative from the Faroe Islands. With 10+ years experience in different positions, as a Creative at The Football Association, branding The FA Tesco Skills, The FA Football Mash-up, art directing the first England men’s action photoshoot and leading the England branding from start to finish. As Creative at BEAR where among other clients, I worked with Nominet, Savills and Andrews Property Group, and as Head of Design at Designroom Sport working with high profile clients such as UK Sport, LTA, ECB, ESPN and many more. Studio Mikladal can draw on that wealth of experience in a wide variety of sectors to provide a tailored approach to suit your needs. Studio Mikladal’s clients already include, theatres, museums, insurance companies, a marathon and many more.